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The UK’s leading structured product research, information & education portal for Professional Advisers.

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Why choose StructuredProductReview.Com?
  • Current Products: terms and features, analysis
  • Counterparty Platform: pertinent, at a glance research support
  • Product Archives: comprehensive historical data
  • Performance History: unrivalled for detailed actual performance
  • Education: committed to furthering adviser expertise
  • Up to date: weekly emails of new product launches

Conceived, created and developed by Professional Advisers for Professional Advisers. reviews the UK's retail structured investment sector, providing pertinent support for Professional Advisers and relevant research tools. provides details of the latest product launches from Providers. Product lists can be filtered upon various criteria. 'Side-by-Side' allows at a glance product comparisons. Products can also be 'tagged' within the 'Portfolio Builder'. Please see 'Tools' for further details of these functions.

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Dura Capital
Hilbert Investment Solutions
Walker Crips
Tempo Structured Products
Education & Expertise

Read our latest reviews and guides to structured products


Structured Products Annual Performance Review 2021

Produced by Lowes Financial Management, the Structured Product Annual Performance Review presents an overview of the best and worst performing Structured Products throughout 2020 and details the outstanding performance of 'Preferred' Plans selected by our Structured Products department.

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Retail Structured Product Sector Review of the Decade

Lowes Financial Management has been researching investment products and advising clients for a quarter of a century before the first structured investments appeared in the retail market. Read our full review of the decade in PDF format.

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Ideas Welcome

We are committed to continuing to developing and advancing and the service and tools that it provides to support professional advisers in their working knowledge and use of structured products within client portfolios.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the site and service, or your views of structured products, or if we could help in any way, we would be delighted to hear from you.

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The Lowes UK Defined Strategy Fund

An actively managed fund comprising a number of defined investment strategies

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The Lowes UK Defined Strategy Fund

The Lowes UK Defined Strategy Fund is an actively managed fund comprising a number of defined investment strategies where the potential returns earned within the fund will be typically fixed in nature and linked to the performance of one or more established stock market indices, with predominant exposure to the FTSE 100 Index.

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